Here, she decides if her wrists or legs take the punishment...and once in a while we slip a stool under her for momentary relief :)

Palette Wrap Suspension Demo (90 minutes)

This educational and entertaining demo gives audiences a glimpse into the visually stunning world of palette wrap suspension.

Even though it's not a hands-on event, viewers will witness the techniques Lew teaches in his Palette Wrap Suspension Workshop and come away with the satisfaction of knowing that anyone can learn to create plastic spider webs in the woods or hang someone from a favorite suspension frame in cool new ways.

Attendees enjoy an inside look into the creative mind of this evil genius, as he whips out a unique suspension right before your eyes... because no two demos are ever the same!

In this one, the more coins make it into the bucket the lower it hang.I think you can figure out the impact of that!

Bungee Bounce Suspension Demo (60 minutes)

Many of Lew Rubens best ideas started out as a joke. One day long ago, he mised that if he put the right amount of bungee cord wraps between a willing victim and the overhead suspension point, he could create the most dynamic suspension evah!

Up and down... back n forth… then pull them across the room and let 'em fly!

*requires a minimum height ceiling 20' (more is better.!)

In addition to his Lewbari Intensive weekends, Lew has scads of bondage demonstrations he can deliver to a wide range of audiences. 

If you don’t see the exact configuration you are looking for, some modifications may be possible. Feel free to ask.

For availability and pricing please contact Lew


​Looking for a unique way to inspire donations to your favorite cause? A pretty girl in a precarious predicament is sure to get your crowd’s attention.  Choose from one or both of these predicaments for Lew to set up and monitor for your favorite cause. Reach out to discuss the details for your event.

 Waterbondage Demo (90 minutes)

An exciting and edgy look into the world of a whole different kind of watersports. Nothing gets the endorphins flowing like some edge play in the water.... not much is more dangerous either. But sometimes we like a little danger right?

Lew spent three years as the sole content creator for Waterbondage.com during his years at Kink.com, which makes him a bit of an expert on the topic.

Not a hands on learning opportunity, but you will get your waterbondage feet wet with this up close experience of Lew and his brave bondage bunnies demonstrating some fun and erotic techniques. 

He'll also share valuable tips and tricks, as well as important safety factors for engaging in waterbondage more safely.  


Predicament Bondage Demo (90 minutes)

Any kind of bondage can create a predicament, given enough time. This improvisational bondage demo is the quintessential expression of Lew doing what Lew does best! 

If you like the idea of seeing a bottom struggle exquisitely - having to choose one discomfort over another and never being able to rest completely - you’ll want to choose this demo.

Watch Lew unleash his deviously creativity and imagination as he creates a unique predicament every time. You are sure to take away some terrifically torturous tips!